We are proud of our school and the strong sense of community within it. Our students feel welcome at school, and can tell any visitor about our school's HEART values—helping, effort for excellence, acceptance and appreciation, respect and responsibility, and teamwork. These values are at the core of all we do at Sprague. Students come to school each day with a smile and know they have a responsibility to learn and also support the learning of others through their positive actions and efforts.

Currently, we house 17 classrooms in grades K-5 with a student population of about 260 students.  This 2020-2021 school year is one that is unique, unprecedented, and has brought new visions for learning both academically and socially.  However, our Sprague spirit has not nor will it change.  Sprague spirit is alive, well, and more spirited than ever before! 


Our curriculum is based on Common Core State Standards and utilizes a workshop approach for reading and writing instruction. Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics are taught using a variety of materials and research based instructional approaches. We are fully staffed with specialist teachers in art, music, PE, library, special education, speech/language, OT and PT and we are proud to offer foreign language instruction in Spanish. Classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and document cameras for instruction. Our building was renovated and reopened in 2002 as one of Wellesley’s newest school buildings. When visiting, you will see amazing architectural details as well as student made murals and tile work, which adorn the walls of our lobby and dining room.  We are fortunate to have ample outdoor play space for our students along with adjacent sports fields.

Our mascot is “Spikey the Sprague Bulldog.” He was chosen because he shares many characteristics with our student body. He is friendly, loyal, and likes to exercise. He can be very fiercely protective of friends and family and even has his own ‘catchphrase.’ “Never fear when Spikey is near.”

Sprague is a school full of warmth, compassion, and love for each other and the guests that enter.  Our continued goal is for every student and faculty member to feel they ‘belong’ here. Our students come from varied cultures, but we are ONE school. Welcome to Sprague!  


Leigh Petrowsky


September 2020


HEART - Help, Effort, Appreciation, Respect, and Teamwork 


The mission of Sprague School is to enable all students to become committed, confident, and caring people who think and communicate about feelings, concepts and ideas of consequences. We do this through an educational program that extends the principles and values of Wellesley's six other elementary schools. Starting with a common curriculum that establishes learning goals for each grade in each subject, our faculty takes time to carve individual paths for the range of different learners within our school.

Some of the things that make learning at Sprague come to life include Reading Buddies between older and younger students, multi-grade teaching, an in-school mail system called WEE Deliver, and a strong sense of community built on HEART values.